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Email: Verified and unverified sends (Yahoo, Aol, other)

Email address / domain verification allows your to send emails through ArboStar system.

How to Verify an Email Address or Domain Name

To verify an email address go to "Company Management", enter your email address and press "Verify This Email Address". The entered email address will receive the letter for the verification.

By verifying domain name, any business emails under your domain name, will be verified automatically and you don't need to verify each email address separately. To verify your domain name please contact ArboStar team.

I have Yahoo, Aol or an unverified email address

Some of the email providers such as Yahoo and Aol changed their Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC policy to encourage receivers to reject all mail that doesn’t originate from their own servers. That’s why sometimes our verification doesn’t help you.

Sender addresses having domains of / OR email addresses and domains that have not passed verification, will use “” as outgoing email having reply-to set to whatever user uses.

Example of unverified sends.

You sends to the client email from "".

Your client receives the email with an estimate from “"

The client can reply to "".

Updated on: 09/06/2022