Search for a client, estimate, invoice from anywhere on the site with the help of the live search feature. It allows you to perform a search even with the smallest bits of information at hand - first letters of a name, a house number etc.

Live search is available in the header of each page of the tool. To see it work, start typing something in the field:

You'll get a dropdown with the relevant results - all clickable.

Due to the improved algorithm, mobile numbers can be searched in any form,
For instance: (416) 530-4341 = (416)5304341 = (416).5304341 = 416.530.4341 = 416-5304341 = 4165304341, etc.

The word order in the search bar does not matter. For instance, a client with the name “John Smith” will be found if you search for both “John Smith” and “Smith John”.

To search leads / estimates / workorders / invoices by number, there is no need to include the suffix (-L, -E, -W, -I) they will be found automatically.

Note: if nothing comes up, check the spelling or use another search word.