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Live Search

The live search feature allows searching for a client, estimate, WO, invoice from anywhere on the site even with the smallest bits of information at hand - first letters of a name, a house number, etc.

Live search is available in the header. To see it work, start typing something in the field.

You'll get a dropdown with the relevant results - all clickable.

Due to the improved algorithm, mobile numbers can be searched in any form,
For instance: (416) 530-4341 = (416)5304341 = (416).5304341 = 416.530.4341 = 416-5304341 = 4165304341, etc.

The word order in the search bar does not matter.
For instance, a client with the name “John Smith” will be found if you search for both “John Smith” and “Smith John”.

If nothing comes up when typing in the live search, please check the spelling or use another search word.

Updated on: 26/02/2024