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Websites Integration: Leads Generation

The websites form integration helps you to process incoming leads via emails. This greatly simplifies the integration process and saves you time setting this up.

Set up emails FROM and TO

Please set up your form to send its submitted contents via an email TO: (ex. .

COMPANY_ID - is your subdomain in ArboStar system (ex.

Please configure your form to be emailed (FROM) using:
your default company email address (ex.

Configure the website form

In the body of the email please include following information: Name, Email, Phone, Street, City, Postal OR Zip, Details. Please, add "--" to mark the end of body.

Name: William Smith
Phone: 7012345678
Street: 57 Main St
City: Grenada
Postal: 26055
Details: Hi there! I am looking for a quote.

Please note the "--" to mark the end of the multiline "Details" text.

Updated on: 20/09/2023