To visit the company management page, from the main page please navigate to the top-right corner, click on the profile icon, and select Company Management.

In the "Prices management" section, please fill in your Service overhead rate and choose the tax.
To create a new tax, please click on the green “plus” sign and fill in the tax name as well as the tax percent.
To edit the already existing tax, please click on the “pencil” icon. To delete the already existing tax, please click on the “bin” icon.
If you want the Work Order PDF’s to include dollar amounts for the services and for the total WO, please choose the “enabled” option in “amounts in the work order PDF”.

In "Office Information Management", please fill in the office address information.

In "Date format Management", please choose the date and time formats:

In the "Appointment Management", please choose the appointment task length in minutes.

In the "Currency Management", please fill out the currency symbol and choose the currency symbol position.

In the "Schedule Preferences Management", please choose the scheduling preference options.

Please do not fill any information in the “QuickBooks” section of the page for now. You will be further instructed on how to integrate Quickbooks into the system in detail.

Below, in the "References" section it is possible to moderate the client reference list as well as add references based on your company needs.