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Workorders Section

After the estimate is confirmed, a workorder is created for the lead.

You can find the Workorders via the live search, on the client's profile or by navigating to the "Workorders" section of the "Workorders" module.

ArboStar's "Workorders" module is a feature-rich component designed to help businesses streamline their workflow and improve productivity.

This section provides a comprehensive breakdown of information that can improve your business's efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

You can see statistics for the Total for Services Done (Scheduled, Completed), the Total for Scheduled Services (Scheduled, Not Completed), the Total for Unscheduled Services (Not Scheduled, Not Completed), as well as the Total for all services (no discount and tax) for the chosen WO Status.

The subtotal for each workorder is interactive and provides information on the amount that has already been paid, as well as the remaining amount that still needs to be paid.

The "Workorders" section also offers advanced filtering capabilities, allowing you to easily locate and manage work orders based on criteria such as status, estimators, schedule, etc.

The Workorder List is divided by WO Status.
To filter the list based on WO statuses, click on the "Status" filter and either choose the required status or choose the option "All" to access the full WO list.

The list can also be filtered by a number of criteria, such as Tags, Estimators, Specialists, Services, Products, Bundles, Estimate service status, and Schedule.
For advanced filtering, click on the "Filter" icon and choose the necessary requirements for filtering.

Updated on: 19/04/2023