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Workorders Reports

the "Workorders Reports" section helps you to access data for workorder details divided by estimate statuses.

The module helps you gain detailed information about workorders, their quantity and how much revenue or loss the company gained from workorders.

"Workorders Reports" section is very helpful if you want to see what stages the workorders are in, how many workorders there are in specific stages and how much money they have brought or are expected to bring to the company.

To access the "Workorders Reports" statistics section, navigate to “Business Intelligence” → “Workorders” → “Workorders Reports”.

The report can be filtered based on time period.
To filter the report based on the date range, click on the "date" field and choose the required time period.

The list is divided according to the WO statuses.
In the list, you can find such information as WO quantity, revenue / loss, and the due amount.

In the "Revenue /Loss" column you can see the profit or lost the company has for the chosen time range for the specific WO status.
In the "Due" column you can see the sum that is expected to be paid for the chosen time range for the specific WO status.
At the bottom you can see the overall amount for the loss/profit as well as the due sum.

Next to it, the information is presented in percentages.

Updated on: 28/02/2023