After the estimate is confirmed, workorder is created for the lead.

You can find the WOs via the live search, on the client's profile or by navigating to the WO list or the WO map.

In the WO module, you can find all the existing WOs.

The WOs are filtered according to the status. To see the WOs under a certain status, please click on the blue button next to “Workorders”:

The list of all available WO statuses will open.

After you choose the neccessary workorder status, all the workorders under it will be shown in the list.

To see the workorder details and be forwarded to the workorder profile, please click on the “Eye” icon.

On the top right corner, there is a search bar with the “Search” option. Please fill in a name, phone number, or other available information and press “Go” to find the workorder you need.

If you click on the “Location” icon, you will be directed to the “Workorders Map.”