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Workorder Performance

the "Workorder Performance Report" section helps you evaluate the work performed, how correctly they were estimated and in what date range they were completed.

This section is very helpful if you want to compare the estimated hours with the actual hours it took for the work to be done.
The information can be used to make the estimation process more precise in the future.

To access the "Workorder Performance Report" section, navigate to the "Business Intelligence" module, then choose "Workorder Performance" from the "Workorders" section.

The report can be filtered based on estimators and time period.
To filter based on estimator, click on the "Estimator" field and choose the required estimator from the drop-down list.
To filter based on date range, click on the "date" field and choose the start and end dates.
After you choose the required filters, click "Search".

Note that if you click on the Workorder number, you will be forwarded to the WO page on the client's profile.

If you have admin permissions, you can also download the list in the CSV format by clicking on the "Download" button.

Updated on: 17/04/2023