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View types on the Crew Schedule

You can view the crew schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or access the timeline mode.
To change the view, pick the preferred one from the options at the top left corner.
To see the scheduled appointments for today, click on the Today button.
Use the arrows to access the scheduled jobs for the previous or the next day/week/month depending on the view setting.

You can also pick the required day/week/month directly from the calendar.

Day View

On the Daily view, at the top right side of the page, you can find the following options:
To refresh the page, click on the Update icon.
To access the list of all free equipment, click on the Free Equipment icon. If you want to add more equipment to a crew, you can drag-and-drop them from here to the required crew.
To access the list of all free members, click on the Free Members icon. If you want to add more members to a crew, you can drag-and-drop them from here to the required crew.
To see the scheduled jobs on the map, click on the Show Map icon.
To show/hide rows related to crew information, click on the Crews icon.

To learn more about the map and routes for the crew schedule, click here.

To view the statistics for the day please click on the Statistics button at left bottom side of the page.

The first line shows the total sum of all the team's job events for the day. The numbers change if the job price for services is edited manually.

The second line shows how many hours the team has worked for the day, while the number in parentheses indicates the estimated time for jobs. The number of actual hours can be edited manually for more precise statistics.

Please be advised, that the system retrieves the working hours of each team member from the time tracker to display the actual operation time of the crew.

The first column under those lines shows the estimated sum of services, how much time have been estimated for the crew to spent on site (estimated mhr), and the estimated cost of 1 mh at the bottom. The system calculates the rate by dividing the sum of services by the estimated job work time (mhr).
Similar to the first (Estimated) column, the second column shows the Actual value of services calculated by the system based on its data.
The last column shows the profit or difference between estimated and actual data in percentage.

The color code of the statistics is based on the man-hour rate (the bottom raw).
Bright green - the rate is above $100.
Dark Green - the rate is between $75 and $100.
Yellow - the rate is between $67 and $75.
Red - the rate is below $67.
Gray - the calculation is not possible/ job is not finished.

Week View

On the Weekly view you can filter the weekly crew schedule based on the assigned team leader, crew members and crew type.

Note that if you use the filters for crew leaders and crew types, you will see the statistics for the filtered data.

On the same page it's also possible to see all crew notes for the week. The functionality is accessible by pressing on the small arrow sign next to the date. The pop-up window, which contains notes for each crew for the day, also displays the crew’s name, type, and color.

Absent employees

Employees can be marked as absent from the Free Members window that opens when you click on the red Arrow sign at the top right corner. The feature is accessible from daily and weekly views.

On a daily view:

to mark an employee as Absent choose their reason of absence from the menu next to the user's name. After that, they are moved to the Absent Members section.
Below you can see the list of absent members for the day. They cannot be added to any crew. To remove a user from the Absent Members section click on the X next to the user's name.

You are also able to see how many free members you have at your disposal. The number changes in real-time once you assign new members to the crew.

Alternatively, click on the Plus icon from the Absent Members section, in the pop-up window add day off details for a user and click Save.

On a weekly view:

A small calendar will display a list of employees and the dates they worked on scheduled jobs.

The check mark means that the user was scheduled for a job and attended it.
The cross sign means that the user was scheduled for jobs but he didn’t show up (or he didn’t track his time)
The gray cell indicates that the user wasn’t scheduled for any job for that day.
The total week column shows the sum of attended working days that the person had this week.
The total year column shows the number of attended working days that the person had in a year.

Click here to learn more about the absent days management.


The timeline view works perfectly in cases when you need to schedule a job that is going to take more than a day.

To create a team in the Timeline view, click on the Add Team button. Unlike the Daily view, here you can add a team for a specific time period.

Note that you can add available crew members and equipment from the Free members and Free equipment sections.

After creating a team with the required time period and details you can schedule a job for the whole time period, for a specific slot (day) of the time period or multiple jobs for the chosen period. In order to schedule a job, please click on the availalbe timeslot, hold and drag it down a bit.

After a job is scheduled, you can drag it around to fit your time requirements or assign it to another crew.

Next to the team, in the schedule job section you might see the followings:

Create a Crew - implies the team’s free time. A new job can be scheduled.
On Other Crew - means the team leader is scheduled for another job at that time.
Day Off - means that team leader is off for that day.

If you click on the date under a team lead’s name, a window pops up with crew details.
To edit the crew details, click on the Pencil icon.
To delete a crew, click on the Bin icon.

Updated on: 17/11/2023