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Users History Log Analytics

The “Users History Log” section provides information about user activities and navigation on the platform.

In this section you can see what pages they have accessed and where from.

To access the “Users History Log” section, navigate to “Business Intelligence” → “Personnel ” → “ Users History Log”.

The list can be filtered by users.
To see the data for a specific user, click on “Users Auth. Log.” and choose the user from the dropdown list.
Otherwise, you are presented with the data of all the users.

The list includes information such as the user’s name, the URL, date, user IP, etc.

In the "URL" column you can see the page the user has viewed.
In the "Date" column you can see the date and exact time the user viewed the URL page.
In the "User IP" column you can see the IP address of the user. If you click on the User IP, you are forwarded to the page with location details.

Updated on: 27/02/2023