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Unscheduled Jobs and Recurring Projects

Unscheduled Jobs

On a Crew Schedule, the unscheduled Jobs modal window is specifically designed to enhance scheduling flexibility by allowing the transfer of jobs within the calendar. The feature can be extremely useful in case you need to move a job to another day due to weather conditions or other circumstances.

The number of unscheduled jobs for the current day is shown above the label.

The quick filter helps you to navigate through unscheduled jobs and it has the following options:
Actual displays the current day selected in the Crew Schedule.
Before shows all days with jobs that haven't found their way to the schedule yet, including yesterday.
After shows all days with added jobs starting tomorrow.

Please be advised that you can’t change the status of the unscheduled job but it’s possible to delete the job or postpone it Once the date is changed, the job will be moved to the selected day.

The unscheduled jobs can be added to the schedule by dragging them from the menu to the calendar. In case there’s a need to reschedule a job for another day, you can easily drag it from the calendar to the unscheduled list for later usage.

The feature can also be used to plan jobs that use specific equipment. For example, if there's a need to schedule the stump grinding service but you haven't come up with the time and date for it yet, you can simply add a ready job to the Unscheduled List and assign it to your TEC team later.

There are two major ways to add new jobs to the unscheduled:
You can either select it from the workorder list during the initial scheduling;

Or you can do it from the workorder profile by pressing the Create Job button.

Please be advised, the Create Job button will appear after at least one service has been selected. Also, please note that services can be a part of several Jobs simultaneously.

After pressing the Create Job button you’ll be able to configure how many unscheduled jobs for this service will be created by choosing the start day of the job and its repeatability.

The Multiple Times and Until Finish Date options allow you to create multiple jobs with the same service.

This is extremely helpful in case fieldworkers are not able to finish the multiple stump grinding services in a particular area in one go so you can easily create recurring jobs for the same service.

Once this option is selected you can choose:
The number of repeats;
The date period;
The periodicity of the scheduled jobs.

If the Weekly or Monthly period is chosen, the system will ask you to select the days of the week or the dates on which the job should take place.

The field at the bottom of the menu indicates how many jobs will be created.

Now let's imagine that the client ordered two services that have to be repeated: Deep Root Fertilizing and Tree Trimming. The Deep Root Fertilizing should be done on Wednesdays and Fridays three times every other week and Tree Trimming every other day from March the 21st until the 3rd of May.

To program Recurring Jobs for the first service you should choose the Multiple Times repeatability and set it for 3 times. For the date period please choose Weekly and set if for every 2 weeks. The prompt field at the bottom will show you the number of jobs and the current settings of the events.

To program Recurring Jobs for the second service please select the repeatability Until Finish Date and set it for the 3rd of May. In this example the date period should stay Daily and be set for every 2 days.

Recurring Projects

In the same way as jobs, the whole project can be set as recurring, which is extremely helpful if you are working with corporate and municipal clients and you have a monthly contract with them for the trimming services.

To make a project a recurring one, simply open an existing estimate or workorder profile and press the Copy button.

Choosing the Recurring Copy option allows you to schedule workorders or estimates according to the specified settings. The appearance and functionality of date settings are the same as for the Recurring Jobs. All scheduled Recurring Projects can be found on the Schedule → Recurring List page.

Now let's imagine that as per contract the trimming services must be provided every 5th and 15th and 25th date of every month until the end of the year.

To program that recurring project in the system choose the Recurring Copy and select status for copies. After that please set the repeatability until the 31st of December and choose the corresponding dates.

Please keep in mind that the main difference between Recurring Jobs and Projects is that projects won't generate immediately as you press the Create button but it will be scheduled for the future.

Updated on: 26/01/2024