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Twilio: Purchasing and Setting up Phone Number

Purchasing a Phone Number

To buy a phone number, go to "Phone Numbers" - "Manage" - "Buy a number" in the left side menu.
Then select your country in the appropriate field and you will receive possible phone numbers for the purchase. You can use different filters to get the phone number you want.

Please note that the number must support Voice.
After you have chosen your phone number, click the button "Buy".

In this window, you can see the details of using the number and its permissible capabilities. If everything suits you, click "Buy".

The number has been purchased and now you can go to the phone number settings.

Porting a Phone Number to Twilio

If you would like to migrate your existing phone number to Twilio, then read the following article:

Forwarding a Phone Number

If you are interested in redirecting to an existing phone number, then you need to find the appropriate settings from the provider from which you have already purchased the phone number. For this you might use Verified Phone Numbers in Twilio. For more details, please, read the following article:

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Updated on: 01/09/2021