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Tracking Sent Emails in the Notes Section

Once an email is sent from the ArboStar system, you can go ahead and track its progress.

One way to track is to navigate to the required client's profile.
Scroll down to the "Notes" section and click on the "Email" tab.

In this section you can see all the emails that were sent to the client with the email details including time when the email was sent, delivered, opened, etc.

If you want to access the PDF that was attached to the sent email, click on the ID icon.
If you want to access the sent email's content, click on the "Content" icon.
If you want to delete the information, click on the "Bin" icon.

Note that data for all the sent emails is also available in the "Email Statistics" section of the "Business Management" module. Click here to learn more.

Updated on: 22/03/2023