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Tasks Map

“Tasks Map” provides information about the current tasks on the map.

Different task categories have different colors on the map according to the color of assigned user.

If you click on a task pin on the map, in the pop-up window you'll see information about the task.

All information in the pop up window, including the "Task Status", can be edited.

The "Filter" sign in the top right corner gives you an opportunity to customize the map based on your needs.

In the “Show on the Map” section you can choose if you want to see "Leads", “Tasks”, "Vehicles" and/or “GPS Tracking” pins on the map.
In the “Task Filters” section you can filter the task pins on the map based on estimator(s) the tasks are assigned to, task categories and date range.

If you enable lead pins on the map, "Lead Filters" section will also be available. To learn more about leads on the map, click here.

Expiration date

Task expiration date is managed in “Company Management”, in the “Appointment Task Expiration Date” field of the “Appointment Management” section.
After setting the number of dates, the tasks older than that don’t show on the map even when the set period of time in the “Date” filter includes them.

Updated on: 14/07/2023