Tailgate Safety Meeting form is a necessary form to be filled out before the start of the work. The form opens when the team lead taps on the “Work” button.

Note: the form is available only to the team lead.

After the form is filled out and the signature is added, to start the work, please click on the “Confirm” button.

After the form is confirmed, the system starts to count the work time.

After the work is completed, if the team lead clicks on the “Finish” button, the team lead is required to fill out the report to finish work.

After the work is completed, both “Safety PDF” and “Report PDF” are available on the job profile.

After the job is completed, the report is also available on the client’s WO page in the ArboStar software.

If you click on the WO event, you can access the detailed report of the event. If any changes are needed, it is possible to make them on the Report page.

If everything is filled out correctly click on the “Confirm Report” to have the report confirmed.

“Tailgate Safety Meeting form” PDF and “Report form” PDF are available for access on the “Report” page as well.

“Near Miss/Incident Form” is available separately in the app to be filled out both by the field employee and by the estimators.
You can access the form from the right-side menu.

In the “Near Miss/Incident Form” it is necessary to fill in all the fields with a red * sign. Other fields are optional.

The filled-out “Near Miss/Incident Forms” are available on the software in the “Business Intelligence” → “Workorders” → “Near Miss/Incidents” section.