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SMS: Overview, features, usage

For questions about the SMS module and payment terms, please contact the sales department.

SMS Messenger

SMS allows you to quickly and efficiently contact with your clients and employees.

To do this, click on the phone icon in the top menu, next to the search.

The SMS messages window will open.

You can create a new correspondence with one client / employee or many. When sending SMS to many people, the message will be sent individually to each, instead of a group chat.
By tapping on the volume icon, you can turn off sound notifications.
On the left side of the menu, your employee is indicated in blue, clients - in gray.
To search, enter the phone number and name of the client / employee.

SMS Counter

Each SMS message is counted and you can keep track of the number of remaining SMS messages. To do that, please, hover over the info icon next to SMS Messenger.

SMS Templates

You can send SMS during various processes - for instance, when you send an estimate for approval, when rescheduling the appointment, etc. Since you are most likely to encounter similar scenarios in your workflow, creating a template for SMS notifications may come in handy.

SMS template consists of a title and text. The title is used solely for your convenience in the future to find the desired template in the system. You can also use variables in your template.

For more information follow the link Adding and Managing SMS Templates

SMS Usage

Client Profile

In the client profile, the "SMS to [Client Name]" button allows you to select an SMS template and send it to the client.

Please, look out for submitted templates that are not associated with any client profile entity, such as the Estimate PDF Template when there is no estimate yet.
View the history SMS sent to the client right in the client profile.

When creating a task or making an appointment, you can also check the checkboxes to send SMS notifications to the client and the estimator about the new task.

Estimate and Invoice page

When sending an estimate or invoice email from the Estimate/Invoice page, a checkbox appears at the bottom for sending an SMS, and the Estimate/Invoice PDF template is used. After sending an email, a window for sending SMS appears.

Crew and Office Schedule

When you click on a task in the schedule, there is a phone icon, which allows you to send an SMS reminder to a client or estimator.

For more information about the Crew Schedule follow the link Create a Crew Schedule; For more information about the Office Schedule follow the link Create an Office Schedule

Important Contacts

You can send SMS to the employees from the Important Contacts list.

For more information follow the link Important Contacts Module

Programmed Messages

You can use Programmed Messages for automatic SMS sending. An example of such a message would be sending an SMS to the client when the payment is due, a follow-up to an estimate every 7 days etc - the scenarios may vary.

For more information follow the link Adding and Managing Programmed Messages

Arbostar App

Sending Estimates and Invoices

To send SMS from Estimate or Invoice page, please tick the “Send SMS to client” box.

Updated on: 22/06/2023