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Sending a template E-mail/SMS to a client

You can send an estimate, an invoice or a payment reminder to a client with just a few clicks due to already created email templates. Email templates are available right in the client profile and allow to save time on composing case-specific messages.

Make sure to create the templates suitable for your working processes by following the instructions here.

To send a template email, open the client profile, click the button Send email to... and from the dropdown list choose the type of email you'd like to send:

If needed, you can tweak the message in the pop-up window before sending.

When sending an estimate and invoice PDF to the client, if the file is more than 10 MB, instead of an attached file, the file will be available via a link.

SMS messages are sent to the clients from a client profile in a similar way. To learn more about how to create/edit SMS template, click here.

Updated on: 27/01/2023