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Selectable Shortcut Icons for Services, Products and Bundles

Shortcut icons provide a quick way to add products/bundles/services on the estimation page without the need to find them in the lists of products/bundles/services.

To add a shortcut icon to an already existing service/product, navigate to the “Services” section of the “Estimates” module and click on the “Pencil” icon next to the required service/product and in the "Edit service/product" window tick the box “Is Favorite”.

After you mark it as “Is Favorite”, shortcut icons to choose from appear.

If you choose the first icon without a sign, the first letters of the service/product (if its name consists of one word) or the first initials of the first 2 words (if the name consists of two or more words) will be used for the icon.
Otherwise, choose from one of the offered icons with a sketch.

You can also add shortcut icons to new services/products in a similar way.

If you want to add a shortcut icon to a new or an already existing bundle, navigate to the “Bundles” section of the “Estimates” module and follow the same steps.

After the icons are added to the service/product/bundle, on the “Create Estimate” page, the icon are available under the Service/Product/Bundle lists.

When you click on an icon, the product/service/bundle it represents is added to the estimate.

If the icons do not fit in one row, a horizontal scroll appears.

The background colors of the icons correspond to:
Service - Orange
Product - Green
Bundle - Blue

Updated on: 16/01/2023