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Routes on the Crew Schedule Page

If there are more than one jobs scheduled for a day it is a great idea to optimize the route to minimize the crew's time spent on the road and maximize results.

In the "Crew Schedule" module, the routes can be viewed and optimized.

Route optimization helps to set the most cost-efficient route for the crew day trips when multiple jobs are scheduled.
To optimize, click on the Team Lead field in the top, choose the “Route” section and click on the "Optimize Route" button.
The day tasks will be rescheduled automatically.

The routes can be viewed on the "Map" page.
To view the routes for a specific team, on the “Map” page click on the blue "Teams" icon in the bottom.
From the side-bar menu tick the boxes next to the required team leader(s) to access their scheduled jobs.
If you click on the “Route” button next to the team lead, the team’s route will be available on the map.

Updated on: 23/01/2023