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QuickBooks: How to set up Synchronization

To set up QuickBooks for acceptance and relay of information from and to your Arbostar application, You will be creating an Arbostar designation in your QuickBooks service, followed by generating unique keys to be added to your Arbostar service; as well as, updating QuickBooks services with URL addresses to seamlessly synchronize both applications.

This process will take about 15 minutes to complete.

Part 1. Link Arbostar with QuickBooks

Navigate to QuickBooks developer interface by following:

Sign in with your QuickBooks credentials:

Select “Dashboard” from the top right menu then click on “Create an app”:

Select “QuickBooks Online and Payments” option:

Name this application as “Arbostar”, Select “Accounting” and “Payment” scopes, Finish by clicking “Create App” button:

At this point application is created and you have been forwarded to the application detail page. Navigate to side menu heading “Production” and select “Keys & credentials”:

Please inspect and complete all QuickBooks “Production Keys requirements” by clicking on presented links. In the first two steps, you need to verify email and provide your office address and phone number.

Use the following link to get help answering all your questions: QuickBooks: Answers on questions

Once all requirements have been satisfied and submission approved, you will have Client ID and Client Secret available on “Keys & credentials” tab. You will need the “Client ID” and “Client Secret” values for Arbostar application in the next step.

On this page You are required to add the following “Redirect URI”:

Log in to and navigate to “Company Management” page:

Insert copied “Client ID” and “Client Secret” as well as “Client Redirect URI” followed by clicking “Save” button:

To tie this all in together, navigate to: and click on “Connect to QuickBooks”. Authorize with QuickBooks using your credentials. Once signed in, click “Connect”:

You will see following confirmation of successful communication between the two applications:

You may now verify by clicking “Get Company Info” button which should display your company name and address as per QuickBooks account.

Part 2. Configure QuickBooks synchronization

Log in to QuickBooks developer interface by following and click on “My Apps”. Select application (Arbostar) we have created in Part 1 of this document.
In the left hand menu, under “Production” heading, click on “Webhooks”:

On the above page enter following “Endpoint URL”:

Disregard URI validation errors
Set “Event Frequency” to “1 minute” and click “Save”

Finally, at the bottom right, expand/click on “Show Webhooks” link and select all options for optimal integration.

To set up Category Synchronization, follow the link Quickbooks: Synchronization of Categories and to Synchronize Classes follow the link Quickbooks: Synchronization of Classes

Updated on: 28/02/2022