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Payroll Time Tracker

Based on the hourly rate and hours worked, the system provides individual automatic payroll calculations that you can access in the "Time Tracker" section of the "Payroll" module.

The "Time Tracker" section provides a user-friendly interface to track employee work hours, including regular hours, overtime and breaks.

This feature is useful if you want to optimize your payroll processing and ensure accurate payments for your employees.

To access the “Time Tracker” section, navigate to "Personnel""Payroll""Time Tracker".

The employee list is divided into "Current", where you can find the current employees and "Past", where you can find the list of former employees.

To see the calculations for a user, click on the employee’s name from the list.

Here you can see all the tracked hours and you can manually add or edit hours worked.

The information provided is for the current two weeks.

To access the information for the previous 2 weeks, click on the "Previous Weeks" button and to access the information for the upcoming 2 weeks click on the "Next Weeks" button accordingly.

To navigate back to the information for the current 2 weeks, click on the "Current Weeks" button.

You can also access the required time period information via the calendar.
For that click on the "Date" field and either choose the option required from the list or manually pick the time period from the calendar.

With admin permissions you can edit and add worked time for users.

To edit or add time, click on the "Clock in" or "Clock out" sections.

From the pop-up window:

If you need to change the time worked, you can edit the login or logout times from the according boxes and click on the "Save" button to save the changes.

If you want to remove the tracked time, click on the "Bin" icon.

If you need to add more time worked, click on the "Add time" button, fill in the start and finish times and click on the "Save" icon.

If you want to see the detailed breakdown for the time update, click on the "?" icon next to the "Time tracked".

You can also see the location details for each time tracked, i.e. you can see if the user tracked the time from the app (mobile icon) or the web (computer icon), how far from the office the user was or if the time was added manually.

Here are the icon meanings:

You can access this information on the "Time Login Details" pop-up window next to the "Clock in / Clock out" fields:

If you need reminder about what the icons mean, simply click on the "?" icon next to the date:

The distance information is also visible next to the day of the week:

The colors have the following meanings:
Green exclamation mark "!" - time tracking from a location less than 50 meters from the office or from the office.
Orange exclamation mark "!" - time tracking from a location 50 meters and more outside of the office.
Grey exclamation mark "!" - no location details available.

You can also see on the map where the users started their shift from.
For that simply click on the "Map" button:

To learn more about how the time tracker map works, click here.

B.L.D and Extra expenses can be added for the days with hours tracked.

Note that on the dashboard in the report confirmation, these expenses are also displayed as confirmation without the possibility of editing.

Salary information

Below, the salary information for the two weeks is available.

Here you can see the payment breakdown information.

The total pay sum is calculated automatically based on the criteria such as hours worked and hourly rate set in the "User Management" section, and it may also include deductions, B.L.D or extra expenses if any are added.

To learn about how to set the hourly rate for a user, check it out here.

If any deductions from the salary are required, click on "Deductions" and add the sum that needs to be deducted.

You can also access the payroll file for the user in PDF or CSV formats:
To download the payroll information in Excel format, click on the “Payroll CSV” icon.
To access the payroll information in the PDF format, click on the “Payroll PDF” icon.

On the "Payroll PDF" page you can download or print the file by clicking on the "Download" or "Print" icons accordingly.

Updated on: 27/04/2023