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Payroll Overview

In the "Payroll Overview" you will find an overview of the payroll for all the employees.

To access the “Payroll Overview” section, please navigate to Personnel → Payroll → Payroll Overview.

You have access to the information of hours worked, average rate, sum of payment, deductions, average man-hour rate, total rate, and how many hours the person has been late.

To access the report in the PDF format, please click on the “Book” icon.

It provides information for the current two weeks. To see the information for the previous or next weeks, please click on the according tabs.

To access the “Payroll Overview PDF”, “Payroll PDF”, download “Payroll Overview CVS” in excel or commission information in the PDF format, please click on the according button in the bottom of the screen.

Updated on: 20/07/2021