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Near Miss/Incidents

When field workers create near miss or incident forms on the mobile app or when the team lead add a near miss or an incident when filling out the "Finish work" report, the forms are available in this section.

It is a good idea to check out this section from time to time to stay on top of information about any incidents that might have happened on the site.

To access the "Near Miss/Incidents" section, navigate to “Business Intelligence” → “Workorders” → “Near Miss/Incidents”.
To access the report file in the PDF format, click on the icon next to the required form.

Note that if the form is connected to a Workorder, if you click on the WO number you will be forwarded to the WO page on the client's profile.

To improve your business continuity we have added a counter for Near Miss / Incidents in the BI module, so now you will be alerted every time an incident report comes through.

Updated on: 19/04/2023