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March 2024, Release Notes for the ArboStar Web and App

Updated the invoice due date

We heard your requests to fixate the initial invoice due date, and from now on it’s working accordingly.
So the due date is now calculated as Invoice creation date + the number of days set in the Company Management.

It will remain consistent and won’t change each time the Overdue period is reached.
So you may understand what was the initial due date, and how many days has passed since that time.

Delete or Archive SMS

You can now easily archive or delete the SMS in the list to keep the relevant communication.

Allow a client to leave comments

We’ve added a setting to the Company Management, allowing your clients to leave their comments on the estimate portal.

When the toggle is turned ON, a client can leave comments on the Portal during the estimate confirmation process.

The comments left by the client will appear on the Workorder profile in the app as a non-editable text field, the first note in the list.

Here is where you can find it on the Web version:

If the toggle is OFF the comment field on the Portal page will be hidden

Added a feature to track the communication history on Estimates

We've added a "Contact" button to make it easy for you keeping track of up-to-date customer communication details for estimates.
This button will look like "Headphones".
Clicking on this button will open a new modal window for you to leave the comments and track the date of your most recent communication.

Notes that are added with this modal window will also be reflected on the info section in the client’s notes.

Multiple status selection on Estimates, Workorders and Invoices filters

With the update, you can now conveniently choose multiple statuses for estimates, workorders and invoices in the app.
It will allow you to quickly find the desired project when you’re not sure of its current status, or review the projects related to similar statuses.

Added a lead source to the app

We've added the “Referenced By” field to the Lead’s profile, as we have on the web version of the system,
so you can understand where did this customer come from when talking to him on site.

Updated Email Statistics and unsubscribe option for the emails

We've updated the interface for the Email Statistics module.
The top bar immediately shows the total statistics for the whole time period.

The complaint rate reflects the emails that have been marked as spam by the recipient.
You will get a notification on the system screen when the complained rate at the top reaches 0.1% or higher.
Once you reach the 0.15% you can get disconnected from the email delivery service, due to the high complaint rate, so it’s very important to keep track of this parameter.

When you receive a complaint (or bounce back) from your client, his email address will be blocked (to prevent new complaints):

You may unblock it later from the client’s profile if there is a need, but please make sure that the customer doesn’t report this email again, because it will affect the complaint rate:

Simplified history of customer email interaction on the Email Statistics module allows you to understand the current email delivery status.

The ability to modify and manage the subscription to the newsletters, on both your and the customer’s side.

We added an unsubscribe option to all sent emails at the bottom of the email.

From your end, you may update the email delivery settings under the client’s profile.

Updated on: 26/03/2024