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Leads Map


On the "Leads Map" you can find all the current leads. It helps the estimators to see how far/near the leads are and which of the leads they should estimate based on the locations.

On the Map, the pins have different colors for different lead factors:

Blue - Regular
Yellow - Priority
Red - Emergency
Green - not Assigned

The number on a lead pin indicates how many days the lead exists in the system.

When you click on a lead pin, a pop-up window opens.

To create an estimate for the lead, click on the “Create Estimate” button.
You can also edit task type, change or add an estimator, update the task status, etc.
All the added lead files are available on the pin. When you click on a file, you can view it.

It is also possible to schedule an Estimate appointment straight from a lead pin.

Filter the pins on the map

To access the filter, click on the icon in the top right corner of the screen.

In the “Show on Map” section you can choose if you want to see "Leads", “Tasks”, "Vehicles" and/or “GPS Tracking” pins on the map.
In the “Lead Filters” section you can filter the pins on the map based on lead priority, asignee, services, products and/or bundles.

If you enable task pins on the map, "Task Filters" section will also be available. To learn more about tasks on the map, click here.

Multi-Pin Actions

With this feature you can:
Quickly assign an Estimator to multiple Leads
Quickly create Tasks for multiple Leads and assign an Estimator to them

To use this function, you need to press and hold the CTRL key (Command for MacOS) and left-click on the required pins on the map (maximum 23). The selected pins will change their color.
The button "Assign or Schedule" will appear in the lower right corner. The number on this button indicates the number of selected pins.

Assign leads

Clicking the button "Assign or Schedule" will give you the choice to assign leads to an Estimator or create appointment Tasks for the selected lead.
To assign an Estimator to the selected pins, on the "Assign leads" section, select Estimator and click on the "Assign N leads" button (the number will indicate the number of selected pins).

Schedule appointments (create Tasks)

To schedule appointment Tasks, you need to select the "Schedule appointments" section. In this window, you need to specify the Estimator for which Tasks will be created, the day and time range in which Tasks will be created.

After clicking Schedule N Leads (the number will indicate the number of selected pins), the selected Leads will have the assigned Estimator.
All created Tasks will be displayed on the map, they will also be recorded in the Office Schedule. Tasks are created with an optimized path to follow.

The duration of the Task is specified in the Company Management - Appointment task length (minutes) settings.

Please note that the travel time will also be included at this time.

Updated on: 31/01/2023