You can find the leads via the live search, on the client's profile or by navigating to the leads list or the leads map.

On the leads map you can find all the current leads. It helps the estimators to see how far/near the leads are and which of the leads they should estimate based on the locations.

On the Map, the pins have different colors for different lead factors:
Blue - Regular
Yellow - Priority
Red - Emergency
Green - not Assigned

When you click on the lead, a pop-up window opens. Here you will find the client’s information.

To create an estimate for the lead, please click on the “Create Estimate”.
To add or change the estimator, please choose the estimator from the list and click on the “Assign”.

To filter the pins on the map, please click on the icon in the top right corner.

To learn how to use the filter on the leads map, please click here.