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Leads List

Leads list includes all the current leads waiting for estimation in a list form.

The Leads list is divided into 2 sections: “Leads Assigned to Me” (the leads assigned to the estimator) and “Leads” below the assigned list (the leads that are unassigned or assigned to other estimators).

Next to all the leads, there are 3 icons serving different purposes.

When clicking on the “Eye” icon, a pop-up window opens containing the lead’s details, where you can edit the lead information or schedule appointment.

To learn more about scheduling appointment, click here.

When clicking on the “Pencil” icon, you are directed to the client’s profile with all the lead details, where you can make changes or add new details the same way as in the pop-up window.

If you click on the “Leaf” icon, you will be forwarded to the “Create an Estimate” page where you can start the estimation.

If you click on the “Location” icon in the top right corner, you will be directed to the “Leads Map". To learn more about leads map, click here.

Updated on: 30/12/2022