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January 2023, Release Notes for the Mobile App

Optional Services

On estimate, customers will have an option to accept it in full or partially. This will require estimators to add status Optional to the service settings (if it's required).
You can set up some services on WEB version as Optional or Mandatory, and Optional Selected in App version.
During creating estimates you can set Services, Products and Bundles as Optional or Mandatory.
You can set the Bundle as Optional or Mandatory, but its items cannot be set as Optional or Mandatory separately. It goes together with Bundle.
For example, you have chosen Tree Removal service and Cleaning, where the cleaning service is Optional and up for you to choose.

If you set service as Optional Selected then in the Portal its checkbox will be marked. If you set Service as Optional Unselected, then in the Portal its checkbox will be not marked. If you set Service as Mandatory, it will be obligatory and your clients wouldn't be able to decline it.
If the client doesn’t choose optional service, it will become Declined in the estimate.

Permission to start a Job without Safety Form

If the job start form for specific Workorder is not mandatory it can be disabled. This will save some time for the crew leader on site.
When you start your Workorder it is mandatory to fill in the Safety Form before your Job. However, you can turn it off now. If you’d like to start your Job without filling in the Safety Form, you need to untick the checkbox of the “Require forms”, and you will be able to start your Job without filling in the Safety Form.
If you’d like to make some changes in the Safety Form you need to click on the Edit Pre Job Safety Assessment button.

Offline forms

When the Field workers have no Internet connection, they will be able to start a Job offline. They should open their Jobs that are going to be performed offline in order to save them to the App cache. When they get a stable Internet connection the information will be automatically synchronized with their system.

Edit forms after submission

After submitting the Safety Form the Crew Leader can edit this Form up to that time as Workorder Report will be approved in the WEB system. It’s allowed to edit Forms for Jobs that are in progress and for finished ones. This action will update the Safety Form of this Job.

Minor bug fixes and improvements

Updated on: 13/06/2023