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Invoices Summary

The "Invoices Summary" section gives you in-depth breakdown of the invoices either for all time or for a specific time range.

As the invoice statistics is separated by invoice statuses, you can understand what stage different invoices are in.

As you get the breakdown for each invoice status with its quantity, you can use the statistics to decide on further actions for each invoice status, such as follow-ups.

To access the "Invoices Summary" section, navigate to “Business Intelligence” → “Invoices” → “Invoices Summary”.

The statistics can be filtered based on the date range.
To filter based on the date range, click on the "date" field and pick the required date range.

In the "Invoices" list you can see the detailed breakdown for each invoice status:

In the "Qty" column you can see how many invoices exist in the system with each status for the chosen time range.
In the "Total services" you get the information about the total sum of services for each status for the chosen time period.
If any of the services were discounted, you can see the discount amount for each status in the "Discounts" column.
In the "Tax" column you get the average sum of the tax % for each invoice status.
The "Total" column provides the sum for each invoice status that includes the tax and discount.
In the "Already Paid" column you can see the sum that has been already paid for each status.
"Total Due" columns shows the remaining amount that needs to be paid for each status.
The "Total Due" under shows the total quantity of invoices that exist in the system for the chosen time range as well as the total amount that still needs to be paid for all the statuses combined.

Next to the list, you can see the information on the chart to make it visually more understandable.
To disable/enable a status from the chart, click on the rectangle in front of the required one.

Under, 2 graphs are available:
The first graph shows the statistics for all the created invoices.
The second graph shows the statistics for all the received payments.

To enable/disable a year from the graphs, click on the rectangle in front of the required year.
If you navigate the mouse on the graph, you can see the sum details for a specific period.

Updated on: 13/02/2023