To access the list of all existing invoices, please navigate to “Invoices” ⇾ “Invoices”.

The invoices are divided according to their invoice statuses.

To find invoices issued by an estimator, please choose the estimator by clicking on the “Select Estimator” field and choosing the estimator from the dropdown list.

You can also filter the list based on the date. To filter based on the preferred time period, please fill out the time period and click “Go”.

You can also search for a specific invoice. To search for an invoice, please fill in the available information in the search bar and click “Go”.

In the invoice list, you are presented with information such as name, address, phone number, estimator, invoice number, the total amount, the total amount with the tax, the paid amount, the due amount, the date, any available notes and signs to take an action.

If you click on the client name, you will be forwarded to the client profile page.
If you click on the phone number, you will be able to make a call.
If you click on the invoice number, you will be forwarded to the invoice page.

If you want to add a note, write it in the “Notes” section and click Ctrl+Enter to add it.

To view the invoice pdf, please click on the “File” icon.
To view the invoice details, please click on the “Eye” icon.

Note: if you have admin permissions, you can download the list by clicking on the "download" icon.