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Important Contacts Module

The “Important Contact” module provides the list of employee numbers.

In the "User" section the numbers of all the employees that use the system and have their numbers added to their profile is available.
You can call and send SMS to the employees from the list.

To call, click on the number from the list.

To send SMS, you can either:
Click on the “Send SMS” button in the top right corner to access the pop-up window
In the “User List” field add users you want to send SMS to.
In the “Message” section fill out the text you want to send.
Click “Send” to send the SMS.

Another way to add users to the SMS list is to manually tick the users from the list and click on the “Send SMS” button.
To send SMS to all users, tick the “All” box.
In the “Message” section fill out the text and click “Send”.

In the “Numbers” section you can find the list of added contacts.
To delete an existing contact, click on the “Bin” icon.
To create a new contact, click on the “Plus” sign and in the pop-up window add the user name with their number.

Updated on: 08/02/2023