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How to copy an estimate/ workorder/ invoice

Before we jump into the main topic a remark has to be made:

As of now Arbostar doesn't support the option to copy only one item from an estimate to another. You only can copy the whole estimate and then delete the unwanted services.

In order to copy the estimate you should open the client's profile and choose the estimate. Then please press the copy button.

After that you will have an option to copy the estimate. It is possible to copy a work order and an invoice. Options to copy Workorder and Invoice won't be available until the status of the original estimate is changed.

Work order generates automatically once the status of the estimate is updated to Confirmed. The invoice generates once the status of the work order is updated to Completed

As the first example let's copy the estimate with Draft/Unsent status. As you can see below, estimates 51247-E and 51250-L are completely identical.

Now let's create a copy of the work order, using the original estimate with Newly Confirmed status

If you open the copied work order, the first thing that you can notice is that the second picture is unmarked. It's because this picture wasn't present in the original estimate, we added it.

To learn how to add pictures to the estimate please read this article: How to add pictures to an estimate

If you want to display new added pictures in the copy, please make sure to mark them manually. It can be done only in the web version of Arbostar.

The copying procedure can also be performed through mobile version of the application.

Updated on: 21/03/2023