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How to add pictures to an estimate

Pictures from a particular service can be copied to another estimate. The process slightly differs in web and mobile versions. Let me start with the last one. First of all, please open the desired estimate, using the mobile version of the application.

After that, you'll be provided with an option to choose the particular service. By clicking on the download sign you'll be provided with the option to save the preferred picture to your hard drive.

Now, please select another estimate (or work order) to paste the picture. Press 3 dots in order to edit it.

Now choose the service and click on it. At the left bottom corner, you'll be able to see a green '+' sign. Please click on it. At this point all you have to do it's to choose the picture that you have downloaded previously.

Our web version supports this feature as well, however, there're a few differences. In order to download a picture from the web version, you need to choose the estimate, choose the service, and click on the desired picture with the right button. Now click on the 'save image as' and choose the format and destination of the downloaded picture.

After that, please choose another proposal. Please click Edit. Now you should choose a desired service. Then press on the square and choose the file to upload.

And that's it. This is how you can copy pictures from one proposal to another.

Updated on: 21/03/2023