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Here you will find the existing expenses as well as you can add new ones.

To access the “Expenses” section, please navigate to Accounting → Expenses.

The expenses are presented both on a chart and in a list.

You can filter the expenses information by date, creator, and employee. The filters can be used both separately and together. After all the necessary filters are chosen, please click “Go”.

To add a new expense, please click on the “Add Expense” button.

In the pop-up window please choose the date, expense type, employee, payment type, tax %, amount, fill out the description, attach a file and hit “Save” to add the expense.

At the bottom of the page, you can find the list of expenses corresponding to the date period.

To edit the expense, please click on the “Pencil” icon. To delete the expense, please click on the “Bin” icon.

Updated on: 14/04/2021