Estimators' version of the mobile app consists of 5 modules: Dashboard, Agenda, Lead Map, Messenger and the button opening the side-bar menu.

The Dashboard is the estimator’s home screen, providing information about estimates for today, last week, two weeks and last month.

In the Agenda section the estimator can find the tasks assigned to them. It consists of 2 sections: To do and Finished.
In the “To Do” section the estimator can see the list of all the tasks for today, while in the “Finished” section the estimator can find the tasks that have been done.

To change the date, please click on the upper left corner on the “date” sign and choose the necessary date or date range from the calendar.

On the Lead Map the estimator can find all the leads and tasks based on their location.

If you click on the sign in the top right corner, you will be forwarded to the "Lead list" and vice versa.

The Messenger section is used for direct communication with the team.

In the side-bar menu you can find the Dark/Light mode toggle to choose between light and dark modes, the Client list, the Leads, the Estimates, the Workorders, Crew Schedule, the Invoices, the Notifications module, Forms and the Settings modules.

If you click on the “Plus” sign at the top of the page, 7 options will open: “Client”, “Lead”, “Estimate”, "Workorder", "Schedule WO.", "Invoice" and “Task”, helping you create a new client/lead/ estimate and task accordingly.

If you click on the bubble in the top left corner, you will be forwarded to the user's profile where you can see user details and track time.