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Estimates Reports Statistics

"Estimates Reports" section helps you to access data for estimate details divided by estimate statuses.

The module helps you gain detailed information about estimates, estimates quantity as well as how much revenue or loss the company gained from estimates.

You can use this statistics to analyze estimator performance and estimate execution in general.

You can also see the projectory of how long it took for estimates to turn into Workorders.

To access statistics for estimates reports, navigate to the “Business Intelligence” → “Estimates” → “Estimates Reports”.

The report is separated by estimators.
To see the statistics for a specific estimator, click on the “Estimators” field, choose the required estimator from the drop-down menu and click "View".

After you choose the estimator, more data covering estimator's productivity appears.

You can also access the daily and weekly KPI information for the estimator if you choose the required start and end dates and click "View".

The list of estimator's files along with in-depth information about estimates is available in the list below.

To access the "Edit estimate" page, click on the "Pencil" icon.
To access the estimate page on the client's profile, click on the "Eye" icon.
To access the estimate PDF file, click on the "File" icon.

Note that if you click on the phone number, you can call the client.

Below the estimator’s statistics, the statistics covering the time period that it took estimates to turn to WO is available.

Updated on: 28/02/2023