You can find the estimates via the live search, on the client's profile or by navigating to the estimates list or the estimates map.

Estimates list includes all the estimates that are divided by their statuses.

Next to the estimates there are 2 icons. To edit the estimate, please click on the “Pencil” icon. To view the estimate. Please click on the “Eye” icon.

Here you can filter the list based on Client Name, Address, Count Contacts, Last Contact, and Date. To filter, please click on the appropriate line.

To filter the estimate list based on the Estimate Status, please click on the blue button on the top right corner and choose the appropriate status from the drop-down list.

For more detailed and advanced filtering, please click on the yellow “Filter” icon. To find the necessary estimate, you can fill in the date period, select service, estimate price range, service price range, estimator, team members, etc.
There is no need to fill in all the gaps.