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Equipment Distance Report

The “Equipment Distance Report” helps you gain insights about the distance the vehicles have been used for during a specific time period.

This section also helps you understand what are the Counter Values for the equivalent for a time you need.

To access the “Equipment Distance Report” analytics section, navigate to the “Business Intelligence” → “Equipment ” → “Eq Distance Report”.

In the "Distance" column you can find detailed information about the distance the equipment has been used for during the chosen time period.
The Start and End Counter Value columns provide data about the equivalent value for the equipment at the start and the end of the chosen time period.

Note that below the list you can see the total distance for all the equipment.

If you click on the equipment's name, you will be directed to the equipment page.

The list can be filtered based on date range.
To filter the statistics based on the start and end dates, click on the “date” fields, choose the start and end dates and click “Go”.

Updated on: 14/02/2023