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Employee Roles Setup

"Employee Roles" section helps you to create crews and set hourly rates for crews.
It is another thread to automate your estimates and make them more precise.

To access the "Employee Roles" section, navigate to Personnel → HR → Employee Roles:

Here, you can view existing employee roles and rates - this is the direct cost of your employees that is used for the job cost calculator.

The roles can be edited, disabled/enabled and added.
To edit, click on the "Pencil" icon.
To disable/enable it, click on the "Eye" icon.

To create a new crew, click on the "Plus" sign and in the new pop-up window fill out the information.
The short version of the crew name will be displayed on the estimate creation page. Make sure that this name is easy for your team to decode.
Add the "Cost per Hour" rate to set the hourly rate for the crew that will be used for the automatic calculation of an estimate.
The chosen crew color will be used on the "Crew Schedule" page.

To learn more about how the estimate cost is calculated, click here.

Updated on: 07/02/2023