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Crew Schedule Timeline

The timeline view in the "Crew Schedule" module works perfectly in cases when you need to schedule job that is going to take more than a day.

The “Timeline” view option is available on the “Schedule” → “Crew Schedule” page.

To create a team in the “Timeline” view, click on the “Add Team” button.

Unlike in the “Day” option, here you can add a team for a specific time period.
Note that you can add crew members and equipment from the "Free members" and "Free equipment" sections.

After creating a team with the required time period and details you can schedule a job for the whole time period, for a slot of the time period or multiple jobs for the chosen period.

After a job is scheduled, you can drag it around to fit your time requirements or assign it to another crew.

Next to the team, in the schedule job section you might see the followings:

“Create a Crew” - implies the team’s free time. A new job can be scheduled.
“On Other Crew” - means the team is scheduled for another job at that time.
"Day Off" - team's day off.

If you click on the date under a team lead’s name, a window pops up with crew details.
To edit the crew details, click on the “Pencil” icon.
To delete a crew, click on the "Bin" icon.

Updated on: 23/01/2023