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Crew Schedule on the Mobile App

There are several ways to schedule jobs on the mobile app.

One way to schedule jobs is to navigate to the “Workorders” section from the sidebar menu, click on the dots next to the workorder you want to schedule a job for and from the menu choose the "Schedule workorder" option.

On the new page, if you click on the “Date”, you can select the day for this workorder to be scheduled.
You can either assign the WO to an already existing crew or create a new one.
To assign to an already existing crew, click on the “Use” button next to the preferred crew.
To create a new crew, click on the “Create new crew” button.

Similarly you can create schedule from a client's profile - Workorder page. To create, click on the dots in the bottom right corner and choose the “Schedule workorder” option.

"Crew Schedule" page from the side-bar menu

On the "Crew Schedule" page, if you click on the “Date”, you can navigate to the day you would like to schedule a job for.

You can either assign the schedule to an already existing crew or create a new one.
To create a job for an already existing crew, double-tap under the required crew.
To create a new crew, click on the “Create new crew” button.

When creating a new crew, you can assign the “team lead” position to all the free members from the list. But once crew members are added, you can only choose a crew leader from the already added team members.

Note: After the team lead is assigned you cannot delete them from the list. To delete, please assign the team lead position to another team member.

To access the Free members, Free Equipment and Free tools, click on the arrow next to the preferred entity and the full list will be available.
You can move crew members, equipment and tools around by drag and dropping, the same way as on the web.
It’s also possible to add a driver when vehicles are added to the equipment. To add a driver, click on the box next to the vehicle and choose a person from the team.

After a crew is created, if you click on the crew, you can either edit the crew details or delete the crew.

Schedule job

After the crew is created, you can start the scheduling by double-tapping in the area under the crew.

From the "Select time" area pick up the time.
You can pick a WO from the "Select Workorder" list.
Don't forget to pick the preferred services from the "Select services" to add to the job.

On the Search Workorder page, if you use the filter option you can select multiple statuses.

You can now see for long the Workorder has existed in the system.

Other updates

You can add or edit notes on the Crew Schedule page by clicking on the “arrow” sign on the Crew Schedule page.

If you need to copy a crew, click on the “Arrow” sign, select the preferred dates and click on “save”.

The “lock” icon in the bottom right corner enables you to edit the MH hrs.

Updated on: 02/02/2023