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Creating an Office Schedule

"Office Schedule" is the section to access when you need to appoint tasks to yourself or other office users or want to see the office schedule.

View the office schedule

To create an office schedule and access the office tasks information, navigate to "Schedule" ⇾ "Office Schedule".

You can view the schedule on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
To change the view, pick the preferred one from the options in the top left corner.
You can also pick the required time period from the calendar.

To see the scheduled appointments for today, click on the "Today” button.
You can use the arrows to access the scheduled appointments for the previous or the next day/week/month depending on the view.

To access the office schedule of a specific employee, click on the “Choose user” tab and choose from the dropdown list.
After the employee is chosen, the option to view their schedule in the PDF file appears. To access the PDF, click on the “File” icon.


To see the scheduled appointments on the map, click on the “Show Map” button.
In the pop-up window, pick the required user from the drop-down menu to access their tasks with the routes.
If you click on a pin, you can see the task address.

Create an office schedule

To create a new office schedule, double tap or drag-and-drop the mouse.
In the pop-up window, fill in the event details and click on the “Save” button.

To add an existing lead to the event, after filling out the client’s name, click on the “Lead” field and choose the necessary lead from the drop-down menu. Note that only leads with the status "New" are available.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the time breakdown. To adjust the event time, hold the task and drag and drop it to the proffered time slot.
If you need to make the task duration longer or shorter, navigate the mouse to the bottom of the task and move the arrow up or down to match your time requirement.

Created task on the schedule page

When creating a new office task that is connected to a client, the client’s name shows instead of the estimator’s name.

If you prefer to see the office address on the Office Schedule Cards instead of a client’s name, you can enable the “Office Schedule “Address” as card Title” in the “Schedule Preferences Management” section of the “Company Management module”.

After enabling, all the tasks that are ticked as “Office tasks” will show the office address on the schedule page.

After a task is created, if you click on the task:

To edit an existing schedule, double click on the scheduled block.
To send an email to the client or to the estimator, click on the "Email" icon.
To send SMS to the client or to the estimator, click on the "Phone" icon.
To delete the schedule, click on the “Bin” icon.

For client-related tasks that have their phone number added on their client profile, the clickable phone number line is available to the info box.

Absent days on the page

When support users are marked as “Absent” in the “Crew Schedule” or “Absent Day Stats” module, they are automatically marked as absent for the whole day in the “Office Schedule” module.

The “Day Off” cannot be deleted or edited from the “Office Schedule” page.

When moving the mouse on the task you can see the task details.

The scheduled events created in the “Office Schedule” section do not show in the mobile app.

Updated on: 14/11/2023