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Creating an Invoice and Adding Payments

After the estimated services are carried out, navigate to the workorder’s page on the client's profile to change the status from “New” to “Complete”.

Changing the WO status

You can either manually change the WO statuses or you can tick the box in front of the "Description" field and click on the "Complete Selected" to automatically change the statuses of all the services to "Completed".

You can also access the WO page from the "Crew Schedule" section by clicking on the WO link.

When all the WO service statuses are changed to "Completed", the system automatically offers to change the WO status to “Finished”.

After the WO status is changed to “Finished”, the invoice for the workorder appears on the client's profile.

Invoice page

You also have the option to automatically send the invoice PDF to the client right after confirming to change the WO status to "Finished.

To access the invoice page, click on the “Eye” icon.

On the “Invoice” page, you can send the invoice to the client and add payments.

To email the invoice to the client, click on the “Email Invoice” button. Note that you can edit the email message to meet your requirements.

Clients can make payments and confirm via the link in the email. Click here to learn more.

If the SMS service is activated for the company, you can also send SMS to the clients informing that the invoice is sent via email.

Feedback on Invoice portal page

Your clients can easily leave you feedback on the Invoice Portal page.
When sending an invoice to the client, clients can click on the updated “Like” and “Dislike” buttons that will forward them to the respective page.

On the feedback page, the client has an option to change the “Like” to “Dislike” and vice versa.

To edit the message the clients see on the Feedback page, navigate to the “Brands” → “Review Settings” → “Like message” or “Dislike message” section.

Here you can edit the Portal Feedback Message:

Adding a payment

After the client makes a payment, to add the payment, click on the “Add Payment” button, in the pop-up window fill out the payment information and click “Add Payment”.

You can add both full and partial payments.

Note that when adding a payment the total due amount of the estimate is automatically filled out in the “Amount” section, so for partial payments you need to edit the sum.

You can also add a payment from the client's profile. To add a payment, click on the “Add Payment” button and make sure to pick the required estimate from the “Estimate” section.

When an invoice is fully paid, in a pop-up window an automated “Thank you for the Payment” email appears that you can send to the client.

If you want to send the “Thank you for the Payment” email manually, click on the “Send Paid Invoice” button from the invoice page on the client's profile.

You can copy an existing invoice to any client. To copy, from the client's invoice page click on the “Copy invoice” button. The same feature is also applicable to Estimates and Workorders.

Updated on: 30/01/2023