After the estimated services are carried out, please navigate to the workorder’s page on the client's profile and change the status from “New” to “Complete”.

When all the WO service statuses are changed to complete, the system will automatically offer to change the WO status to “Finished”.

After the WO status is changed to “Finished”, the invoice for the workorder appears.

To access the invoice, please click on the “Eye” icon.

On the “Invoice” page, you can send the invoice to the client as well as add payments.

To email the invoice to the client, please click on the “Email Invoice” button.

After the client makes a payment, to add the payment, please click on the “Add Payment” button.

In the pop-up window, please fill out the payment and the payment information.

After all the necessary information is added, please click “Add Payment” to add the payment.

You can add both full and partial payments.

You can also add a payment from the client profile. To add payment, please click on the “Add Payment” button and in the “Estimate” section choose the estimate you want to add a payment to.