Articles on: Workorders

Creating a Workorder

As soon as the client confirms the estimate, you can change the status of the estimate to “Confirmed”.

To update the status of the Estimate, open the client’s profile and click on the “Eye” icon next to the required estimate:

Then please click on the “Update Status” button:

In the pop-up window in the “Estimate Status” section choose the status from the drop-down menu.

On the next screen, you can add more details:

If the client has paid a deposit, you can add the amount of deposit as well as the way it was taken and later it will be deducted from the overall cost.

Click “Save” once the form is filled.

From now on, this estimate turns into a Workorder.

Changing estimate status to “Declined”

Before changing the estimate status and turning it into a workorder, you can easily decline a service on the estimate stage by just changing the status of it to "Declined".

In this stage the status cannot be changed to “Completed”, unlike on the WO page.

Confirming estimates through e-signature

Estimates can also be confirmed through e-signature due to which workorder appears automatically.

When a client e-signs the estimate via the link in the sent estimate email, both the client and the company receive a “Confirmed Estimates” notification email about the estimate being signed and workorder raises on the client's profile automatically.

The status of the automatically created workorder changes to “Confirmed online”.

You can copy an existing workorder to any client. To copy, from the client's WO page click on the “Copy workorder” button. The same feature is also applicable to Estimates and Invoices.

Updated on: 31/01/2023