Tasks help us schedule and manage office staff's appointments and other office-related tasks.

Client related tasks can be created individually on the client's profile. To create a task, please click on the "Create New Task".

“Schedule an Appointment” window helps to set an appointment with the client.

The "Recommendations" section shows your estimators based on their availability and distance from the client. The first estimator from the list would be the best option to choose. Once you click on the estimator's name you will be able to set the time for this meeting. The system would only offer available time blocks.

Under the list of employees, there are 4 selectors that you can use to notify the client and the estimator about this event.

From the “Task Type” drop-down menu please choose the task type.
From the "Lead List" drop-down menu please choose the lead to assign to the task.

Once everything is set, please click the “Save” button.

The tasks created on the client profile are available in the task list/task map and the office schedule.

Tasks can also be created on the office schedule and on the "Add Client" page when creating a new client.