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Creating a Job on the Crew Schedule

When you need to schedule job that has been confirmed by your client, navigate to the Crew Schedule section.

Access Crew Schedule page

To access the crew schedule page, either:

Click on the Crew Schedule button on the Dashboard,

or navigate to the Crew Schedule section of the Schedule module.

Create a Crew

On the Crew Schedule page, to start building the crew, click on the Plus button. The creation process consists of three steps.

Step 1. Allows you to set the date of operation for the crew, choose a crew type, assign a team leader and select a color for the crew.

Step 2. Here you can add free fieldworkers to the crew.

Step 3. To finalize the creation process, please select tools and equipment that crew might need for the job.

Note that you can edit the crew details to meet your requirements at any point of creating a crew schedule. To learn more about crew, click here.

Schedule window

After the crew is created, you can now schedule jobs for the crew. To add a job, click on the required start time in the crew column, hold and drag it down to set the time frame for the job.

Once the time frame is selected, in a new pop-up window you are presented with the list of WOs filtered by their statuses. The same WOs are also available on the map.

The icons on the right side of the window allow you to refresh the list, apply time/date filter, search for a WO or pick a WO status from the list.

The number on the right side of the WO shows how long the WO has existed in the system, while the one on the left shows the price.

For more advanced search, use the Filter option, where you can filter the list based on estimator, service, product, etc.

On the map if you hover the mouse over the WO pin, a popup with additional info and office notes will appear next to it. Viewing office notes on the Map when scheduling a crew can improve job assignments and customer service by providing context and consistency.

The color of the indicator on the Workorder also helps to determine the number of days a workorder has been in the system. It will correspond to the designated number of days you set in the Company ManagementCrew Schedule Management settings.

This feature is fully customizable and you can learn more about it in our June 2023 Release Notes here.

After you click on the required WO:

In the Workorder Details section Office Notes and Crew Notes are available. When you finish with editing, please make sure to press the newly appeared Save icon.

If you scroll down the page and switch the Client Note toggle on, you can access the list of the client notes.

Crew notes are available in the Workorder overview pdf file for your crew members.

To schedule a job, pick the required WO from the list, in the Description section click on the Square next to the service and click Save.

For WO's with more than 1 service, if you want to schedule more than 1 job for the event, make sure to tick them all.

When you click on already scheduled job, a new pop-up window appears:
The status of the work order can be easily changed by choosing the option from the drop-down menu.
The work order PDF button is located next to the status bar and always contains the project’s number.
Fields Damage, Complain, and Job price serve to add damage complaint, amount or event price for the job. Please note, once the information is filled out it saves automatically
To send an Email or SMS to the client, click on the Envelop or Phone icons correspondingly.
When clicking on the WO number or a client's name, you are forwarded to the respective profiles.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the time breakdown. To adjust the event time, hold the scheduled job and drag it to the preffered time slot. If you need to make the job duration longer or shorter, move the mouse to the bottom of the job and move the arrow up or down to match your time requirement.

Bulk Booking

Bulk booking allows you to add multiple work orders to the selected time range. Please allocate a time range on the Crew Schedule, after that choose desired work orders in the modal and click Save. The allocated time range will then be divided according to the number of work orders selected.

After time range is set, a modal window opens where you can choose workorders and services in them. To select the service, you need to click on the price button, after that the workorder will be marked with a tick. The total number of selected workorders will be displayed above the Save button.

Please be advised that the number of selected workorders is limited by the size of the time range.

Sending notifications to clients

If you have two or more crews on a schedule with multiple jobs you can send notifications simultaneously to all customers that crews have for the day. To do it please click on the Email or SMS button at the top of the screen. After that please choose the required Email/SMS preset and in the pop-up window click Send.

If you need to remove a client from the list, simply remove the tick.

Additionally, there’s an option to send notifications to all clients of one particular team that it has for the day.

Multiple job event selection

You can select multiple work order events on the crew schedule to change their statuses simultaneously and/or delete the chosen jobs.
Once the select button is pressed you’ll be presented with the option to choose the needed jobs among transparent events.
After you finish selecting the workorders please click on the drop-down menu to see the expandable options.

Please be advised that the job event selection applies to the mass SMS and Email distribution as well.

Different types of view

The Crew Schedule page has Day, Week, Month and Timeline view modes. More detailed information on all of them you can find in our dedicated article View types on the Crew Schedule

Updated on: 14/11/2023