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Create an Estimate

Once a lead comes in, it has to be estimated properly before it becomes a workorder. An estimate is based on multiple factors like the type of service(s) ordered, the equipment needed, the crew involved etc.

Find the estimate

To proceed to the estimate, first search for the lead - either through the Live search, the Leads List or the Leads Map.

To create an estimate from a client's profile or the "Leads List" section, click on the “Leaf” icon next to the preferred lead:

To create an estimate from the “Leads Map” section, click on the lead bubble on the map and in a pop-up window select “Create Estimate”:

Starting estimation

On the "New Estimate" page you can now start the estimation.

If you click on any service/product/bundle from the original lead, they will be added to the estimate.

“Clean up”, “Disposal Brush” and “Disposal Wood” are additional services that need to be done upon completion of the main services. Make sure they're ticked to be included in the estimate.

Project scheme

Visualizing the location for the work is an optional feature, but it may be a good help for the crew on site. If you're up to it, click to expand the Project Scheme button:

Mark the location of the work on the map by drag-and-dropping the pin on the map and click on Create Screen to add the specifications:

Drag and drop the icons in the top to illustrate the place:

Double-click on the icon to delete it from the scheme. After you are done with creating the project scheme, click on the "Save Scheme" button.
If you need to move the pin on the map, click on the "Edit Map" button.

Once the project scheme is added to the estimate, it will be available on the "Estimate PDF".

Choosing services, products and bundles

After choosing the service for the estimation, go ahead and describe the work, choose equipment and the crew:

For the service price, you can either fill in the price in the "Price" field manually or you can use the calculator for the automatic calculation.

While using the calculator, the price gets calculated automatically according to the estimated time of work, the MHR rate, the crew and equipment chosen as well as the markup and overhead being set.
To use the sum of the calculator, after selecting all the required fields, click on the "Use" button.

To learn more about how the service price is calculated, click here.

If the service or product is non-taxable, click on the "Price" button and tick it as "non-taxable".

You can add or edit the service or product description in the "notes" section under service name and you can also add files and pictures in the section under the price.

To add more services, products or bundles, choose either from their respective lists or from the quick access icons under the lists:

If you are estimating multiple services/products/bundles in a single estimate, make sure to go through the steps above for each of them. The total estimate price you receive in the end will include all the services/products/bundles you specified.

Before saving the estimate

After all the required services, products and bundles are added, you can go ahead and if required:
add notes for the crew,
add discount,
edit tax amount or
preview the estimate PDF

If the estimate includes different services, products and bundles, the sequence in the PDF file stays the same as when creating or editing the estimate.

Note that the estimate draft on the website is automatically synchronized with the same estimate in the mobile app and as it is a 2-way synchronization, the estimate drafts on the mobile app synchronize with the web as well.

You can copy an existing estimate to any client. To copy, from the client's estimate page click on the “Copy estimate” button. The same feature is also applicable to Workorders and Invoices.

Optional services and products

There is also an option to mark services and products as “optional” or "mandatory".
To mark as “optional", click on the field next to the preferred service/product/bundle.

After the Estimate is sent to a client, the client on the portal has an option to either confirm the service/product/bundle by ticking the box next to it or decline.

Updated on: 06/02/2023