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Create a Crew Schedule

When you need to schedule job that has been confirmed by your client, navigate to the "Crew Schedule" section.

Access "Crew Schedule" page

To access the crew schedule page, either:

Click on the “Crew Schedule” button on the Dashboard,


Navigate to the “Crew Schedule” section of the "Schedule" module.

Create a Crew

On the "Crew Schedule" page, to start building the crew, click on the "Plus" sign.
Once you click on it, choose the date, add crew members, equipment, etc.

Note that you can edit the crew details to meet your requirements at any point of creating a crew schedule. To learn more about crew, click here.

"Schedule" window

After the crew is created, you can now schedule jobs for the crew. To add a schedule, just drag and drop in the area below the crew.

After you drag and drop, in a new pop-up window you are presented with the list of WOs filtered by their statuses. The same WOs are also available on the map.

The icons in the right side of the window allow you to refresh the list, apply time/date filter, search for a WO or pick a WO status from the list.
For more advanced search, use the "Filter" option, where you can filter the list based on estimator, service, product, etc.

The number in the right side of the WO shows how long the WO has existed in the system, while the one in the left shows the price.

On the map if you hover the mouse over the WO pin, a popup with additional info and office notes will appear next to it.
Viewing office notes on the Map when scheduling a crew can improve job assignments and customer service by providing context and consistency.

After you click on the required WO:
In the “Workorder Details” section “Office Notes”, “Crew Notes” and “Confirmed How” are available.
Note that when making edits in the “Office Notes” and “Crew Notes” section or adding new notes, “Save” button appears.
If you switch the “Client Note” toggle on you can access the list of the client notes.

Note that team notes are now visible in the pdf file of the Work Order overview for your crew members.

To schedule a job, pick the required WO from the list, in the "Description" section click on the "Square" next to the service and click "Save".

For WO's with more than 1 service, if you want to schedule more than 1 job for the event, make sure to tick them all.

After scheduling the job, next to the scheduled events, when clicking on it, a menu next to it opens:
To delete, click on the "Bin" icon.
To see the event price, click on the "$" icon.
To send an email to the client, click on the "Envelop" icon.
To send SMS to the client, click on the "Phone" icon.
To add a complaint request, click on the "Hand" icon.
To add a damage information, click on the "Hammer" icon.
When clicking on the WO number or a client's name, you are forwarded to the WO page.

If you move the mouse on the job, in the top right corner a white button appears, clicking on which you can update the WO status.

When moving the mouse on the task you can also see the task details.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the time breakdown. To adjust the event time, hold the scheduled job and drag and drop it to the proffered time slot. If you need to make the job duration longer or shorter, move the mouse to the bottom of the job and move the arrow up or down to match your time requirement.

Sending multiple notifications for all clients that crews have for the day

You can send notifications simultaneously to all customers that crews have for the day. You can do that by clicking on the Email or SMS button at the top of the screen.
For that click on either "SMS" or "Email" icons, choose the required preset email/SMS template and in the pop-up window click "Send".
If you need to remove a client from the list, simply remove the tick.

Additionally, there’s an option to send notifications to all clients of one particular team that it has for the day.

Different types of view

You can view the crew schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or access the timeline mode.
To change the view, pick the preferred one from the options in the top left corner.
To see the scheduled appointments for today, click on the "Today” button.
You can use the arrows to access the scheduled jobs for the previous or the next day/week/month depending on the view setting.

You can also pick the required day/week/month directly from the calendar.

To learn more about how to create schedule in the "Timeline" mode, click here.

Week View

In the "Week" view you can filter the weekly crew schedule based on the estimator and crew type.

You can also view the Weekly Statistics.
Note that if you use the filters for crew leaders and crew types, you will see the statistics for the filtered data.

Day View

In the "Day" view, from the top right side of the page:
To update the page, click on the "Update" icon.
To access the list of all free members, click on the "Free Members" icon. If you want to add more members to a crew, you can drag-and-drop them from here to the required crew.
To access the list of all free equipment, click on the "Free Equipment" icon. If you want to add more equipment to a crew, you can drag-and-drop them from here to the required crew.
To see the scheduled jobs on the map, click on the “Show Map” icon.
To enable/disable crew information section, click on the "Crews" icon.

To learn more about the map and routes for the crew schedule, click here.

You can also view the statistics for the day by clicking on the arrow in the bottom left side of the screen.

Absent employees

Employees can be marked as absent from the “Free Members” window that opens when clicking on the red “Arrow” sign in the top right corner.
To mark an employee as "Absent" choose their reason of absence from the menu next to the user's name. After that, they are moved to the "Absent Members" section.
Below you can see the list of absent members for the day. They cannot be added to any crew. To remove a user from the "Absent Members" section click on the "X" next to the user's name.

You are also able to see how many free members you have at your disposal. The number changes in real-time once you assign new members to the crew.

Alternatively, click on the "Plus" icon from the "Absent Members" section, in the pop-up window add day off details for a user and click "Save".

The red arrow is visible only on a daily view.

Click here to learn more about the absent days management.

Updated on: 18/04/2023