There are 2 ways to access the “Crew Schedule”.

To create a new client from the dashboard, please click on the “Crew Schedule” on the Dashboard:

To create a crew schedule from the main menu, please navigate to the “ Schedule” ⇾ “Crew Schedule”.

Once you do that, you will get to the “crew schedule” page.

This green “+” is the button you start building the schedule with. Once you click on it, you’ll be able to add another block on the schedule for a selected date, and build up a team and add some equipment to them.

After the crew is created, you can now add schedule to the crew. To add a schedule, just drag and drop in the area below the crew.
After you drag and drop, in a new pop up window you will be presented with the list of WOs filtered by their statuses. The same WOs are also available on the map.

To add a job to the schedule, please click on the necessary one from the list, click on the yellow square to mark it and click "Save".

If the WO has more than 1 service and you'd like to schedule more than 1 service in the same one, please mark them all.

After you schedule the job, next to it, you can see the menu, where you can edit, delete, change the value, print out, email the client as well as send an SMS to the client.

If you click on the WO’s number, you will be forwarded to the WO’s page.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the time breakdown. To adjust the time, please hold the scheduled job and just drag and drop it to the proffered time slot.

In the top left side of the page, "crew schedule" offers several types of page view.

To learn more about how to create schedule in the "Timeline" mode, click here.

In the top right side of the page, there are several buttons helping with scheduling.

If you want to add more members to the crew, please click on the “Free Members” button and drag and drop them to the team.
If you want to add more equipment/vehicles to the crew, please click on the “Free Equipment” button and drag and drop them to the team.