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Client Referrals Statistics

The "Client Referrals Statistics" module provides detailed information about where you have received your leads from.

It also helps you understand their lead journey.

This feature is very helpful if you want to analyze how to budget your marketing and where to use your resources for the best results.

To access statistics for client referrals, navigate to the “Business Intelligence” → “Clients” → “Client Referrals Statistics”.

The referrals information is presented in a chart form to make it visually easy to analyze.
In the top right corner a list of referrals with their corresponding colors that are used on the chart along with their numbering is available.
You can also see the corresponding numbering for each specific referral presented in a table form.

You can filter the data based on start and end dates.
To filter the statistics on date, click on the “date” fields, choose the start and end dates from calendar and click “Go.”

Updated on: 09/02/2023