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Client Profile on the Web

After adding a client, you can access the client profile where you can see the client information, do estimation, contact the client via email or SMS and do so much more!

To access the client profile you can either use the Live search or find the client in the Clients List sub-module.

Header of the Client's Profile

In the header section of the Client profile you can view and edit client information. The map on the right side of the screen shows the current client's location.

To edit the client's billing address, please click on the address line, in the pop-up section make the required changes and click on the Tick icon to save it.

Please be precise as possible and always make sure to choose the address from the appeared options to ensure smoother logistics further on.

To edit the client's primary contact information, click on the Contact field, in the pop-up section make the required changes and click on the Tick icon to save the changes.

To add more contacts, please open the Contacts tab and click on the Plus icon. Please fill in the required information in the pop-up window.

To edit the contact, click on the Pencil
To set the new primary contact, click on the Star icon.
To delete the contact information, click on the Bin icon.

Please note, it's not possible to delete the primary contact.

To rate the client please choose the number of stars.
To edit client's name, type, tax or newsletter subscription option, click on the Pencil icon.
To delete the client from the system, click on the Bin icon.

Please note that the Admin level access required to confirm the erasing process. Once the client profile is deleted it cannot be restored.

The Billing Details tab is designed to add and store the client's billing details such as credit card information that can be used for future transactions.

Tags can be used to mark clients in order to easily locate them in the Clients List section using our advance filters.
To add a tag, just type it and click Enter to add.
To remove, click on X next to it.

Sidebar Options

You can find more options on right side of the client profile. From here it's possible to:
Choose the service Brand for the client
Create a new task for the client.
Create a new project record for the client.
Add full or partial payment for the project. Please note, you might be asked to assign the payment to the required entity.
Send email to the client from the list of available options.
Send SMS to the client from the list of available options.
Navigate to the tree inventory page.

The notepad is located just under the sidebar panel and it can be used to store additional client's information.
To add a note, please fill in the text and click Control + Enter.
To remove the note, click on the Bin icon under it.

Workflow on the Client's Profile

Project tabs display already created projects. They are separated by their statuses: In progress, Completed, Declined and All. If your company has more than one brand, you can assign another one to the client by choosing it from the Brands list.

Please note, after switching the brand all the company contact information will be changed accordingly.


On the client profile you can view and take different steps for various job progresses, the first step being the lead.

To create a new lead please click on the Create New RecordsCreate New Lead

The newly created leads will appear in the ProjectsIn progress tab. The project flow is designed the way users can easily track the project's stage, assign a contact for the job, change the statuses of each step in a project, all from the same page.

To change the status of the lead, please click on the drop-down menu.
To assign an estimator to the project, please click on the estimator's name and choose the employee from the list.
To assign a contact for the project, please click on the client name and choose the person from the list.
To summon a pop-up menu click on the dots. The various options will appear: to open the lead’s profile; to create a new task for the lead; to create an estimate, or to delete the lead.

Please note that it’s possible to change the assigned contact and estimator for the project at any stage of the job.

On the Lead profile you can add any new information related to the lead or edit the existing data. Here's the list of options:

Change the lead's status
Change the lead's priority
Choose the lead's reference
Postpone the lead to the selected date
Change the address for the project
Assign an estimator to the lead
Schedule an appointment
Notify an estimator about call request from the client
Return to the client's profile


Once the Lead is estimated, the system will redirect you to the estimate page. Each project step can be accessed by navigating through the tabs, while the assigned contact for the project can be changed at any point in time by clicking on the contact field.

Under the dedicated Actions button you can find the following options:
Update the status of the estimate
Download and view the estimate PDF.
Send/re-send estimate PDF to the client.
Send SMS to the client related to the estimate.
Add full or partial payment.
Edit the estimate details.
Copy the estimate portal link.

Options such as:
Update status;
Download PDF;
Send Email or SMS
Edit the estimate are carried out to the quick access panel.

On the side panel you can add or edit the estimate tax and discounts as well as change the assigned estimator.


After the estimate is confirmed, the next project step, Workorder, will appear automatically.

On the Workorder profile page it's possible to:
add notes that would appear on the Crew Schedule page, once you enter them.

view the Workorder report and Pre-job safety assessment and Finish work forms once the crew completed the job. To access the report please click on the event date.

If the job start and finish forms for a specific Workorder are not mandatory, they can be disabled. This will save some time for the crew leader on-site. Click here to learn more about forms

change status of services manually or select the required services and click on the Complete Selected to change the statuses of all selected services to Completed. Once the service(s) is marked as completed the Partial Invoice can be generated.

More information on partial invoices you can find in our Creating an Invoice and Adding Payments article.

At this stage the Actions button has only three options:
Download or view WO PDF.
Add full or partial payment.
Edit the estimate that the WO is based on.


Once WO status is changed to completed the Invoice is going to be generated automatically.

On the Invoice Profile you can change its status, share the invoice link with a client, add payments and much more. All those functions can be found under the Action button. On this stage it contains the following options:
Update the invoice status.
Download and view invoice PDF.
Send invoice to the client.
Send SMS to the client related to the invoice.
Add full or partial payment.
Copy the invoice portal link.

Options such as
Update status;
Download PDF;
Send Email or SMS are carried out to the quick access panel.

Project step shortcut

You can skip each project step which can be a great time-saver for office managers in certain situations. To force create a project step, please hover your mouse over the step icon and press the newly appeared + sign.

It is also possible to force create a project step from the job's profile as well as from the sidebar menu on the client's profile.

Please note that in case you are trying to skip the step but the lead was not estimated the system will ask you to fill out the estimate first.

All Client Tasks

After tasks are created for the client, they are available in the Tasks tab on the client's profile.

For all the tasks you can:
Send email to the client regarding the task.
View task details where you can change the task status and add description.
Edit task details.
Delete the task.

More information on tasks you can find in our Create a New Task / Schedule Appointment on the Web article.

All Client Payments

All the payments that the client has made are available in the Payments tab on the client's profile.
You can edit or delete the payments.

Notes on the Client Profile

You can add notes and files to the client profile.

Click here to learn more.

Updated on: 07/11/2023